When you change your mindset, you change your actions.   When you change your actions, you change your body.   When you change your body, you change your world.

It all starts with a mindset.



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“GS Nation is about building quiet confidence - not bravado or swag. It’s about being totally satisfied with who you’re becoming because of the work you’re putting in… you EARN that confidence... and you will earn the satisfaction of loving the person who stares back at you in the mirror.”
— Dave Robinson (Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer)

- Ways To Help You Get Strapped -

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You’re going to work hard for your health and fitness, whether you’re in the gym, in your home, at the park, or out with friends.. so make sure the work you’re putting in is ACTUALLY helping you achieve YOUR goals. We tailor and individualize 12-week workout plans to include EXACTLY what you’re trying to accomplish, the equipment you have, and what you're willing to sacrifice.


Personal Training

Sometimes a phone call isn’t enough and you need someone LITERALLY in your corner. If you’d like some help nailing down your form, recieve on-the-spot coaching cues, or just want someone else to embark with you on your fitness journey, we’ve got a team of certified personal trainers able to step up and step in to fill that gap in your plan.


GRoup workoutS 

Exercising is hard work...but it’s a bit easier if you’re jamming to some quality tunes and sweating in solidarity with your friends. That’s why we hold group workout classes multiple times per week, all over town. Whether you’re in Southside, the West End, Shockoe Bottom, or the Museum District, we’ll have a place and time you can Get & Stay Strapped.


Nutritional guidelines and personal meal plans

You can’t outwork a bad diet. Whether trying to achieve that lean summer look, building bigger muscles, or want to try a Ketogenic diet, our nutritional guidelines and recipes will hit the spot. We've also partnered with a local meal prep and delivery company to provide nutrient dense, customized meals directly to your door.

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Fitness Accountability & coaching 

We all need someone in our corner… either for that pat on the back and congrats on a job well done, OR, when needed, a good kick in the rear. We offer daily accountability via texts, emails, phone calls, 1-on-1 meetups to help you to stay on track. We will push you to achieve your goals by keeping you focused and motivated.


Social Events and educational seminars

Laugh and learn with other members of the GS nation! We often hold educational workshops on a huge array of topics including nutrition for athletes, biohacking, training principles of OCR and more. Each month we also host social events like happy hours, specialized group workouts, and field trips to boutique studios and locations.

Member Forums and Online Support

Access our thriving online support group of like-minded peers who are undergoing or have recently undergone a mental and physical transformation like yourself. Our private members-only community forum is moderated and available for support, kudos, motivation, or to have that burning question answered by someone who has been where you are now!

Local Partnerships and Discounts

We’ve teamed up with many of RVA’s finest coaches, contributors, and classes to provide discounts on many of the things you already do around Richmond! Examples include: spin and yoga classes, rock climbing, swimming lessons, as well as visits to see nutritionists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, cryotherapy, and much more! You'll also get great discounts on GS fitness gear and apparel.


OCR Specific Training

Obstacle Course Racing is the fastest growing sport of all time. If you’ve seen pictures of your friends plastered in mud while having a blast, and want to give Spartan, Tough Mudder, or a Rugged Maniac a try, we’ve got you “covered” as you’ll learn all the insider tricks from elite OCR athletes.

Biohacking Tips and Tricks

We will keep you up to date on all the latest techniques for making your training as efficient as possible - including using cold and heat exposure, breathwork, the trigger method, and mindfulness to dial in your recovery and your gains (or losses!)

Progress Tracking 

Through Heart Rate monitoring, test-week physical benchmarking, and even individual lab work, we’ll add some quantitative data to back up your “I FEEL GREAT!” qualitative progress reports. Whether checking up on your HDL/LDL numbers or want to drop your mile time by 20 seconds, we’ve got you covered.

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BootCamps & Excursions

Join us for out-of-this-world boot camps and fitness excursions here at home as well as abroad! Whether it's tackling the terrain of SW Virginia for a gnarly weekend of hiking and camping, or zipping down to Central America for a week-long adventure of food, fitness, and fun, you're sure to have a blast while fully embracing our 'work hard, play hard' ethos

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Why GS Nation is different...

It’s not just a blog, internet how-to, apparel company, or some regular motivation site. It’s not reserved just for models, bodybuilders, marathoners, or professionals... everyone from all walks of life and varying fitness levels is welcomed with open arms. We are an inclusive group of like-minded individuals striving to be the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be. We challenge each other to run farther, train harder, dream bigger, and push further than any of us would be able to do on our own. Think you have what it takes to get strapped?


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